Saint Vorsila's Grammar School

Brief informations

Saint Vorsila's Grammar School

  • is a part of a network of secondary schools
  • offers eight-year study (for students from 11 to 19 years old)
  • has the curriculum for eight-year grammar schools
  • offers three foreign languages
  • has an individual attitute to students in smaller groups
  • has partner schools in Germany and France, exchange visits
  • is a participating institution in the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in Education for International Co-operation and Peace

Saint Vorsila's Grammar School was opened in 1993 and the intake is one form every year. Since 1994 the founder of the school has been the Czech-Moravian Province of the Roman union of the Saint Vorsila's order. Financially the school is supported by the state, Vorsila's sisters and parents.

The school Association as an advisory consisting of representatives of the founder, teachers and parents work here. The subject Civics is widened to include Christian values and Christian traditions.

R. E. is voluntary.

The entrance exam consists of a written and oral part. The written part includes Czech, Maths and a general knowledge test. Three foreign languages are taught here (English, German, French) plus the Latin language.

Foreign partner schools are French Lycée d' Arc in Avallon and a German Cardinal von Galen's Grammar School in Münster. Saint Vorsila's Grammar School offers a friendly atmosphere of mutual confidence an an individual attitute to students in smaller groups.